Xenoblade Chronicles dated, preorder bonus announced

By Jack Taylor – 28 June 2011

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed the launch date for Xenoblade Chronicles as well as a special edition preorder bundle.

Its European release originally announced back in March, Xenoblade Chronicles will launch across Europe on Friday 2 September.

A special preorder bundle will also be available, though Nintendo has yet to confirm which retailers it will be available from.

The bundle will include a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles with a reversible cover, a red Classic Controller Pro available only as part of the package and three posters depicting concept art from the game.

All three posters will also be electronically signed by Tetsuya Takahashi, director of Xenoblade Chronicles and the current head of Monolith Soft.

The game will also be available to preorder as a standalone title, though will include only the main cover and not the reversible alternative.

Xenoblade Chronicles has recently been in the spotlight following a report that Nintendo of America would not be releasing the title in North America, though they have yet to comment on this.

Surely that's old news by now...

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