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E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 story expansion detailed

12 June 2018 – by Jack Taylor

Brand new story content for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been revealed, and will be available in physical and digital formats.

Previously announced as part of the Expansion Pass, the new story content has been named Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country, and will launch as part of the Expansion Pass on 14 September.

In additon, it will launch as a standalone retail package on 21 September, which will include only the new story content - not the base Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game - and a download code for the Expansion Pass to use with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The content includes characters from the main game such as Malos, Jin, and Addam, and features a slightly different battle system to the base game; the story takes place 500 years before the events of the main game, in the midst of a war.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch.