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Tetris 99 season pass launches with two offline modes

10 May 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Two new modes are available as part of Tetris 99's new season pass, while the third Maximus Cup has also been announced.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers have been able to download Tetris 99 for free since February, and players looking to expand their experience are now able to purchase the Big Block DLC, a season pass for the game.

The first additions to the season pass are a CPU battle mode, which pits players against 98 computer-controlled units, and a marathon mode in which players are tasked with beating their own record of cleared lines and highest scores; a third offline mode, featuring local multiplayer, will follow later in 2019.

Because the Big Block DLC features offline-only content, it is possible for Nintendo Switch owners without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to purchase and play the content through the free Tetris 99 application.

Also announced is the third Tetris 99 Grand Prix (Maximus Cup in the Americas), which starts at 9:00 AM on 17 May and ends at 8:59 AM on 20 May - players who earn 100 points during the event will unlock a Game Boy-inspired Tetris 99 theme.