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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update and Joker launch 17 and 18 April

17 April 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will receive its Version 3.0 update and new character Joker tomorrow.

First announced back in February, the Version 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been detailed, and will launch sometime on 18 April (17 April in North America).

The update will add Stage Builder to the game, allowing players to create fully-customised stages featuring traps, platforms, additional decorations, and more besides.

Stages can also be shared using Smash World, a new service being added to the Nintendo Switch Online app, which will also allow players to view videos shared by others, with a new Edit Video function also included in the Version 3.0 update.

Launching at the same time as the update is Joker, the second fighter to be added to the game's roster as paid add-on content, and the first to be included in the Fighters Pass, which will include a total of five additional characters.

Joker - as well as the Mementos stage and several new Persona music tracks - is featured in a new video, which also showcases the content from the game's Version 3.0 update and is available to watch below.