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Super Mario Odyssey update adds Balloon World and new outfits

22 February 2018 – by Jack Taylor

A free update for Super Mario Odyssey has launched worldwide, adding the new Balloon World mode and a range of new outfits and snapshot filters.

After completing the main story, Super Mario Odyssey players will be able to access Balloon World by finding Luigi in each world and selecting either the Hide It or Find It modes, either to hide their own balloon somewhere or to find a balloon hidden by another player.

Each world will feature different weather conditions when playing, such as daytime rain in New Donk City or sunset in Tostarena; and by completing either of the Hide It or Find It modes, players will see their rank increase based on their score.

The update also adds the Sunshine, Musician, and Knight Armor outfits to the shop after completing the main story, as welll as the Coin and Neon filters for Snapshot Mode.