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SEGA announces action-strategy title SolSeraph

27 June 2019 – by Jack Taylor

SolSeraph, a new fantasy game mixing action and tower defence, will launch for Switch and PS4 next month.

Developed by ACE Team - the studio behind Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages - SolSeraph features side-scrolling action gameplay alongside top-down tower defence strategy.

Taking place over five distinct regions of the world, players will help to expand tribes' territory by building settlements as well as defences to help keep out monsters; to help reduce the danger in each area, and to help grow in power, players will also be able to enter lairs to defeat monsters.

A new trailer has been released to celebrate the announcement.

SolSeraph launches for platforms including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 10 July; it will cost £11.99, $14.99, or €14.99.