Pokémon Rumble sequel to launch in North America in October

By Jack Taylor – 19 July 2011

Nintendo of America has revealed that the Pokémon Rumble sequel for the Nintendo 3DS will launch in North America this October.

The game, called Super Pokémon Scramble in Japan, will be released as Pokémon Rumble Blast when it launches on Monday, October 24 in North America.

The sequel to Pokémon Rumble, the popular WiiWare title released in 2009, Pokémon Rumble Blast improves on the formula set by the first game by including several new modes, as well as making use of local wireless for cooperative gameplay and StreetPass for collecting new Pokémon.

It also includes all current Pokémon as of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, whereas the original had only the Pokémon from the first and fourth generations with the exception of Arceus.

In the Pokémon Rumble games, players take control of Toy Pokémon, battling other Toy Pokémon through various stages and collecting new ones along the way.

Surely that's old news by now...

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