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Nintendo Labo creation kits announced for Nintendo Switch

18 January 2018 – by Jack Taylor

Nintendo has revealed Nintendo Labo, a series of DIY kits for people to build and interact with using Nintendo Switch software and the Joy-Con controllers.

In a special video shared on Wednesday (17 January), Nintendo Labo - a series of interctive DIY kits which people can build and customise, and play with using Nintendo Switch software - was introduced to the world.

Nintendo Labo kits consist of Nintendo Switch software and a bundle of cardbard sheets and other materials such as string and rubber bands, and can be built by following instructions included in the software, which also includes a variety of activities that use the creations.

Two kits have been revealed: the Variety Kit features five creations including a toy piano, an RC car, a house, a fishing rod, and a motorbike; the Robot Kit focuses on one large creation, a robot set made of muliple pieces.

Each creation uses the Joy-Con in different ways, and the Nintendo Switch itself; in the Variety Kit creations, the console is housed within the creation, while the Robot Kit allows players to dock the Switch and play in front of the TV.

Both kits launch on 20 April in North America and Japan, and on 27 April in Europe, with a customisation kit also launching on the same day; in North America, the Variety Kit will cost $69.99, the Robot Kit will cost $79.99, and the customiation kit will cost $9.99.