Nintendo eShop to launch with Pokédex 3D application

By Jack Taylor – 1 June 2011

A free application called Pokédex 3D will be available at the launch of eShop next week, it has been reported.

With less than one week until eShop launches worldwide, there has still been no official word on the software that will be available on launch day: however, one application has now been revealed.

Pokédex 3D is a free first-party application which lets players browse through the 156 newest Pokémon - those introduced in Black and White - and view their details.

A 3D model of each Pokémon can be viewed, along with the Pokémon's base stats, Pokédex entry, level-up moves and evolution information.

The app will also include each Pokémon's type, classification, gender availabilities and Regional Pokédex number for the Unova region.

With sixteen Pokémon available to view at the start of the game, users can download new entries using any of three different means: swapping data via StreetPass; downloading up to three random entries per day via SpotPass; or scanning QR Codes to unlock the data.

Nintendo has not yet announced any launch details for eShop, which will be available via a SpotPass update on June 6 (North America) and June 7 (Japan and PAL regions).

Surely that's old news by now...

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