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Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass announced

4 July 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will receive numerous free updates and paid content expansions from launch through into 2020.

Ahead of the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on 26 July, Nintendo has revealed an Expansion Pass for the game, which will introduce four waves of new content from launch up to the end of April next year.

According to Nintendo eShop, the content will include:

  • Additional quests
  • Auxiliary battle maps
  • Support items
  • New outfits
  • Additional side story (planned for 2020)

In addition, anyone who purchases the Expansion Pass will immediately receive two new outfits - male and female versions of the Officers Academy uniform for the player character.

Players can purchase the standalone game or a bundle featuring the game and Expansion Pass on Nintendo eShop; the pass will also be available separately.