Excitebike to be offered as free eShop download

By Jack Taylor – 26 April 2011

The NES version of Excitebike, remastered and available in 3D, will be available as a free download when eShop launches next month.

Due to open as part of a major Nintendo 3DS system update in May, eShop will include a selection of games under the moniker 3D Classics: original NES and SNES games, with more consoles potentially available later, remastered in full 3D exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

To provide an incentive for Nintendo 3DS owners to connect to the internet and receive the system update, Satoru Iwata has revealed that one of the games in the 3D Classics range - Excitebike for the NES - will be available to download for free.

Iwata also confirmed that four formats - 3D Classics, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Nintendo 3DS downloadable titles - would be available from launch.

No prices have yet been announced.

Surely that's old news by now...

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