European download updates revealed for July 28, 2011

By Jack Taylor – 26 July 2011

The first third-party Nintendo 3DS download title is available in Europe this week as one of five new titles.

Let's Golf! 3D by Gameloft is the sequel to the original Let's Golf! for Nintendo DSiWare: details of and trailers for the new title, which will cost £5.40 (€6), are available on Nintendo eShop now.

The new title is joined on Nintendo eShop by Baseball, Nintendo's latest Game Boy offering, which costs £2.70 (€3).

On Nintendo DSiWare this week are Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs by Kritzelkratz 3000, costing £4.50 (€5) or 500 Nintendo Points, and GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars by Gamebridge, costing £1.80 (€2) or 200 Nintendo Points.

Successfully Learning German Year 5 by Tivola will also be available on WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare for 500 Nintendo Points but, much like the fourth installment released two weeks ago, will not be made available on Nintendo eShop.

North America's weekly update will be announced this Thursday and the European update will go live at 2pm BST.

Surely that's old news by now...

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