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Dragon Quest Builders coming to Nintendo Switch on 9 February

19 December 2017 – by Jack Taylor

The Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders will launch in Europe and North America on 9 February, and will feature some exclusive content.

Originally announced in September's Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest Builders will launch slightly earlier than its planned window of Spring 2018; in Japan, it will launch on 1 March, making it one of the few Dragon Quest games not to launch in Japan first on a platform.

It takes players back to Alefgard, the ruined setting of the first Dragon Quest game, and tasks players with taking on the role of a legendary Builder to restore the world by levelling up towns, gaining new residents, and making them stronger to help fight enemies.

Exclusive to the Switch version is a rideable Great Sabrecub and special items called Pixel Blocks, which can be used to build a Dragon Quest Game Pak, thereby unlocking even more special items.

Dragon Quest Builders launches on 9 February in physical and digital formats, and will be published by Nintendo in Europe and North America.