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Atooi provides Chicken Wiggle Workshop update

21 February 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Atooi's Jools Watsham has provided a development update for Chicken Wiggle Workshop, the Kickstarter project funded in 2018.

Following the successful funding campaign for Chicken Wiggle Workshop, which raised more than $35,000 through Kickstarter, Atooi's head honcho Jools Watsham has provided an update on the game's development.

Originally due to be delivered around December 2018, the game's release was delayed to give it extra polish, with Watsham providing the latest in a 20 February update on Kickstarter:

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is looking fantastic! Michael's new artwork for the game is amazing, and the new music that Perry and Grant have created for the updated soundtrack is incredible. Playing the game now feels like a new experience. It's so exciting. And that's not all we have planned for the game! This is why development is taking longer than originally estimated. I want the Switch release of Chicken Wiggle Workshop to be nothing short of perfect. And it will be! More news on what new delicious goodies we're adding to the game soon! I think you'll agree that it was worth the wait when that magical day is finally here. Thank you for your patience.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is a full HD remake of Chicken Wiggle, which Atooi released for the Nintendo 3DS in August 2017 and features platforming gameplay and a fully-fledged level creator.