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WarioWare Gold demo released on Nintendo eShop in Europe

Published by Jack Taylor     July 5, 2018     11:00 UTC

Nintendo of Europe has released a free demo of WarioWare Gold ahead of its Nintendo 3DS launch later this month.

WarioWare Gold is the latest entry in the microgame series - and the biggest, with 300 microgames available for players to have fun with.

It also features a fully-voiced story mode featuring Wario and a cast of supporting characters; the story involves a cash-strapped Wario attempting to get his acquaintances to make games for him in order to help him rake in the money once again.

Outside of the story mode, a Studio mode allows players to create their own movie voiceovers, the Records mode features a selection of classic WarioWare tunes, and the Minigames mode includes a number of special games with high score charts.

A new Challenge mode will also be available after completing the story mode, and adds a number of new twists to existing microgames, such as two-player battles, extreme difficulty options, and a Sneaky Gamer challenge in which players have to ensure 9-Volt's mum 5-Volt doesn't catch him playing games in bed.

WarioWare Gold launches on 27 July in Europe and on 3 August in North America.

Source: Nintendo of Europe