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Mega Man 11 and Mega Man amiibo to launch on 2 October

Published by Jack Taylor     May 29, 2018     22:00 UTC

Updated: Capcom USA has announced an October release date for Mega Man 11, as well as a new Mega Man amiibo available as part of a special software bundle.

Updated story (4 June): Capcom Europe has confirmed to The Nintendo Channel that the Nintendo Switch version of Mega Man 11 will only receive a digital release in the UK and Europe.

Furthermore, regarding the release of the new Mega Man amiibo, the company has said there is currently "no announcement" regarding a European release.

Capcom USA is responsible for the North American release plans, which will see the game get a retail release on Nintendo Switch on its own and as part of the amiibo bundle.

Original story (29 May): Following its announcement at the end of last year, Mega Man 11 has now been given a firm release date of 2 October in Europe and North America, and 4 October in Japan.

Mega Man 11 sees the return of Dr. Wily, who has created a new Double Gear system, which can expand and enhance the capability of robots; he steals eight of Dr. Light's robots in order to use it, before Dr. Light installs the Double Gear system into Mega Man in order to stop Dr. Wily's plan.

Players can use the two aspects of the Double Gear system to their advantage in gameplay: the Power Gear allows Mega Man's shots, including his Mega Buster, to be powered up; the Speed Gear helps Mega Man to dodge projectiles, make larger jumps, or slow down the environment; and both can be used as the Double Gear to unleash a massive Mega Buster attack.

Two of the boss robots in the game have also been revealed as the brick-building Block Man - who can use the Power Gear to take on an even larger form - and Fuse Man, whose speed and electric attacks will pose a challenge.

A special Mega Man 11 amiibo Edition bundle will be available at launch in North America, featuring a brand new Mega Man amiibo, a Dr. Wily logo patch, a set of stickers, and a Stage Select microfiber cloth.

Source: Capcom Unity