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Story details and new video shared for Detective Pikachu

Published by Jack Taylor     February 23, 2018     11:40 UTC

A new trailer has been released for Detective Pikachu, which launches for Nintendo 3DS in March, and new story elements have been revealed.

Detective Pikachu launches on 23 March, and ahead of its release, Nintendo has shared some new details about the game's storyline, including supporting characters.

The game takes place in Ryme City, where Detective Pikachu and his friend Tim are searching for Tim's father, Harry, when a case about a rampaging Pokémon comes to light; the mysterious Mewtwo seems to be connected, and also knows Detective Pikachu somehow.

New characters to be introduced are café owner Pablo Millan, police inspector Frank Holliday, and Meiko Okamoto, a camera operator at a local TV studio; these characters and more will be key to finding clues and solving problems.

As previously announced, the larger-than-usual Detective Pikachu amiibo launching on the same day will also allow players to unlock cutscenes to watch again; these can be unlocked during normal gameplay, but can be accessed more quickly by using the amiibo.

Detective Pikachu launches for Nintendo 3DS on 23 March.

Source: Nintendo of Europe