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Detective Pikachu game and amiibo launching worldwide in March

Published by Jack Taylor     January 13, 2018     21:15 UTC

Detective Pikachu, a Nintendo 3DS title released in Japan in 2016, will receive new content and a worldwide retail release alongside a new amiibo.

Back in 2016, a digital-only Nintendo 3DS game called Great Detective Pikachu - Birth of a New Duo launched in Japan, and concluded with the words "to be continued" - though nothing had since been heard about a second part.

Now, nearly two years later, The Pokémon Company has announced that the story will conclude in Detective Pikachu, a full retail release of the game, which will launch worldwide on 23 March in physical and digital formats.

The game takes place in Ryme City and follows Tim Goodman, whose father Harry has gone missing - he soon connects with Detective Pikachu, a talking Pokémon who previously worked with Tim's father, and so they join forces to solve cases and learn more about Harry's whereabouts.

Launching on the same day as the game is a Detective Pikachu amiibo, which stands at approximately twice the height of most amiibo, and allows players to unlock all Pika Prompts from completed chapters to watch the short clips again.

Its release comes before the May 2019 release of a Detective Pikachu movie.