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Resident Evil Revelations games may support amiibo on Nintendo Switch

Published by Jack Taylor     September 15, 2017     17:40 UTC

amiibo functionality appears to have been confirmed for both of the Resident Evil Revelations games coming to Nintendo Switch in a recent Nintendo eShop update.

Though both of the games are a few weeks away, game pages for Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 have been published on Nintendo eShop in Japan, where both will launch on 30 November; they launch in Europe and North America on 28 November.

Tucked away near the bottom is each page, listed under additional compatibility, is amiibo - indicating that both games will somehow use amiibo, although this is likely to be a form of general functionality as opposed to character-specific.

No amiibo functionality has officially been confirmed for the games, and The Nintendo Channel has contacted Capcom for further comment.

Many thanks to @Xiphos_Gaming for reaching out with the below image!