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amiibo functionality detailed for Hey! Pikmin

Published by Jack Taylor     June 25, 2017     11:47 UTC

Nintendo has revealed full details of how amiibo can be used in Hey! Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS, with certain series of amiibo gaining special functionality.

Ahead of the release of Hey! Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS next month, Nintendo's official Japanese website has revealed full details of how all amiibo can be used within the game.

The new Pikmin amiibo launches on the same day as the game, and can be used to provide extra Pikmin within a stage - it can also be levelled up to provide up to 20 Pikmin at a time, and this is done by taking more Pikmin to the Pikmin Park at the end of each stage.

The Olimar amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series has similar functionality, but can't be levelled up like the Pikmin amiibo, though it still provides four Pikmin when used in a stage.

amiibo from the Super Mario Collection, Splatoon Collection, and Animal Crossing Collection can be used on the world map to add a statue resembling the amiibo to a bonus stage; collecting the statue will provide 200 Sparklium Seeds, which Olimar is collecting to help him return to his planet, Hocotate.

This only includes the amiibo that have already been released, and doesn't include the three new Splatoon Collection amiibo launching in July, or the five new Super Mario Collection amiibo launching in October.

Finally, all amiibo that aren't included above can be scanned once a day to provide 10 Sparklium Seeds, though it's not clear if there's a limit to the number that can be scanned each day.

Hey! Pikmin and the Pikmin amiibo launch on 13 July in Japan, and on 28 July in Europe and America alongside the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

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