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Super Meat Boy Forever announced for Nintendo Switch, launching 2018

Published by Jack Taylor     August 30, 2017     21:30 UTC

Team Meat has announced Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the acclaimed Super Meat Boy, with both games confirmed to launch on Nintendo Switch.

As part of the Nindies Summer Showcase, a new trailer from Team Meat confirmed Super Meat Boy Forever, a full sequel to the original Super Meat Boy in which players have to make their way through incredibly tough levels to save Nugget, the baby of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl who has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus.

The game features a new two-button control scheme, a ranking system, daily challenges, and levels that get harder the better you get at them - a result of Team Meat producing "hundreds of carefully designed chunks" that generate in each level.

Following the announcement, Team Meat announced on Twitter that the original Super Meat Boy is also in development for Nintendo Switch, and will "more than likely" launch this year.

Super Meat Boy Forever is planned to launch for Nintendo Switch before the summer of 2018.