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Dragon Quest Builders 2 announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan

Published by Jack Taylor     August 6, 2017     12:51 UTC

Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will launch for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, though no Japanese launch window has currently been confirmed for the game.

Following the success of the first Dragon Quest Builders in 2016, Square Enix has announced (via Gematsu) a sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2, which will launch for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at an unspecified time.

Much like the first game, players can build in a Minecraft-like environment imbued with Dragon Quest themes and characters, with a story running through; Square Enix has also hinted that it will feature a younger Malroth, the final boss of Dragon Quest II.

New features to the sequel include the ability to create slopes, dive underwater, create waterfalls, place more blocks than before, and use a glider to safely descend lower; in addition, four-player multiplayer will also be included.

No release window, or international release, has been confirmed for the game.

Source: Gematsu