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Sonic Mania to include bonus stages and Time Attack mode

Published by Jack Taylor     August 5, 2017     19:15 UTC

SEGA has revealed that Sonic Mania will include bonus stages and a Time Attack mode, in addition to the Special Stages previously announced for the game.

Ahead of the launch of Sonic Mania in less than a fortnight, SEGA has revealed the addition of two new gameplay modes to the game, as well as the first images of them in action.

Bonus Stages will be included in the game, and the Blue Spheres stage has been detailed: players will navigate through blue spheres, which will turn red once touched, and touching a red sphere will end the stage; complete the stage to win a Silver Medallion, and get a perfect score for a Gold Medallion.

In the Time Attack mode, times recorded by players in each stage will be added to the game's online leaderboard, providing a real challenge to be the fastest in the world.

Sonic Mania launches for Nintendo Switch on 15 August worldwide.

Sonic Mania™ Unveils Bonus Stages and Time Attack Mode, With New Special Stage Assets

Following SEGA®’s San Diego Comic-Con announcement that Special Stages will be a feature in Sonic Mania™, today the team revealed that Bonus Stages (“Blue Spheres”) and Time Attack have also been included in the game
In “Blue Spheres”, players navigate Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles through a series of blue spheres to clear the stage. But be careful! Once touched, the blue spheres will turn red. Touching a red sphere instantly ends the Bonus Stage. Silver Medallions are awarded to players who complete the Bonus Stage, while collecting all the blue spheres and rings awards players with a perfect score and a Gold Medallion.

Time Attack was also revealed to be a new mode in Sonic Mania. Prove you’re the best of the best in Time Attack, which lets players compete for fastest speed in the world by recording their time in the game’s online leaderboard.

In Special Stages, players chase down enemy UFOs to secure various Chaos Emeralds. Collecting blue spheres along the way will give their character an added boost of speed to their meter. Once the meter fills up, the Mach level increases. Just watch out and don’t speed off the stage!

Sonic Mania is developed by SEGA of America in collaboration with Christian Whitehead, PagodaWest Games, and Headcannon. It will be available August 15 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Go fast and pre-order either the Standard Edition or the Limited-Edition Collector’s Edition of the game here.

Source: SEGA Europe