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E3 2017: Kirby platformer coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

Published by Jack Taylor     June 14, 2017     18:00 UTC

A brand new Kirby platformer has been revealed for Nintendo Switch, featuring four-player multiplayer and introducing element-enhanced copy abilities for the first time.

Revealed for the first time in the Nintendo Spotlight presentation at E3, the new Kirby platformer for Nintendo Switch introduces the ability for Kirby to recruit enemies by hitting them with hearts, giving players a party of up to three allies alongside Kirby himself.

Copy abilities such as Sword and Beam also return, and for the first time, these can be enhanced with allies' abilities, such as the ability to add fire to the Sword ability or ice to the Stone ability.

Up to four players will be able to play the game, and each can choose either to use a single Joy-Con horizontally or two Joy-Con in the Joy-Con Grip, as the game supports a max of 8 Joy-Con.

Kirby for Nintendo Switch launches worldwide in 2018.