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RiME prices confirmed, retail version to include digital soundtrack

Published by Jack Taylor     May 10, 2017     16:14 UTC

RiME publisher Grey Box has announced changes to the pricing of the game's digital version, while the retail version will now include a digital download of the game's soundtrack.

Following confirmation that RiME would be coming to Nintendo Switch, its publisher Grey Box originally announced that pricing for the Nintendo Switch version would be higher due to the greater development and publishing costs, the latter apparently due to the cost of Nintendo Switch game cards.

Originally, the Nintendo Switch version was to cost around $10 more than it would on other platforms, but this will no longer be the case for the digital version, which will cost £29.99, €34.99, and $29.99 - the same as it will on other platforms.

The retail version of the game will still cost £39.99, €44.99, and $39.99 in order to prevent loss-making, but will include a special download code for the digital version of the RiME soundtrack; this will cost the difference on its own, meaning that the game plus the soundtrack will effectively cost the same on all platforms.

No release date has been confirmed, but Grey Box has said it will be announced "shortly".

Source: Grey Box