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ARMS and new Joy-Con to launch worldwide on 16 June

Published by Jack Taylor     April 17, 2017     14:30 UTC

ARMS will launch alongside neon yellow Joy-Con and a separate Joy-Con AA Battery Pack worldwide on 16 June, with a new character and new multiplayer features introduced.

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation in April, new features including two-on-two battles were revealed for ARMS, which will launch worldwide on 16 June in retail and physical formats.

A new fighter Min Min was also revealed, a quick-paced character with unique ARM weapons, while the existing character Spring Man was also showcased with new special powers, including the ability to increase his attack power when weakened.

On the same day, a new Joy-Con colour - Neon Yellow - will launch in a pair, while a Neon Yellow Joy-Con wrist strap will also launch, as will a grey Joy-Con AA Battery Pack designed to increase the battery life of the Joy-Con.

ARMS and the new Joy-Con accessories launch worldwide on 16 June.

ARMS: One of the biggest features in the upcoming fighting game is the ability to equip two types of customisable ARMS per fighter. These ARMS range from standard gloved arms to curved weapons like boomerangs. Each ARM has a special attribute like fire, ice or electricity that activates when delivering a charge punch. As players fight through the game, they will earn in-game currency that can be used to play in the ARM Getter, a fun mode in which they can get new ARMS for their fighters. The fast-paced game can be played in 1-v-1 matches or even 2-v-2* for more entertainingly chaotic battles. During the Nintendo Direct presentation, two characters were put under the spotlight: the newly-revealed and super-fast kung-fu fighter Min Min, with her extendable ramen arms, and the energetic, determined Spring Man, who specialises in bouncing back from near-defeat. ARMS launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 16th June. In addition, special neon yellow Joy-Con controllers and Joy-Con Straps will be released on the same day, alongside the Joy-Con AA Battery Pack accessory, sold in pairs.

Source: Nintendo of Europe