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Two Tribes moves RIVE to Nintendo Switch from Wii U

Published by Jack Taylor     February 27, 2017     16:14 UTC

Two Tribes have confirmed that their dual-stick shooter RIVE, originally planned for release on Wii U last year, is now in development for Nintendo Switch and will launch in 2017.

Following uncertainty over the fate of the Wii U version of RIVE, Two Tribes have confirmed that the game has been moved from Wii U to Nintendo Switch and will launch for the platform later this year.

RIVE is the final original offering from Two Tribes, which is ceasing development of all titles except for new ports of its existing titles, and is billed as a 360-degree shooter-platformer; long-time Wii U owners may have grabbed an E3 preview build of the game from Nintendo eShop in 2015.

The Switch version of the game is being developed in conjunction with Engine Software and will include an expansion with new content exclusive to the Switch version, which Two Tribes says it will share more details about at a later date.

RIVE launches on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Source: Two Tribes