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Download update revealed for February 23, 2017 in Europe

Published by Jack Taylor     February 20, 2017     21:49 UTC

forma.8 and the Nintendo 64 classic Harvest Moon 64 come to Wii U this week in Europe, while new Swapdoodle content and plenty of offers come to Nintendo 3DS.

Wii U

forma.8 (Mixed Bag; 23 February; £13.49/€14.99)
forma.8 is a unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore. As the small exploration probe forma.8 you're stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. Separated from your companions by accident you have a life or death mission to accomplish: find and recover a lost, powerful energy source before it's too late. Ancient civilisations, great perils, and dystopian visions await you. And not everything is what it seems... [Conditional discount: Owners of the Nindies@Home Preview can purchase forma.8 for £11.29 or €12.49 until 23 March.]

Vaccine (RNC; 23 February; £8.99/€9.99)
Find a vaccine for your infected friend before the time runs out, but be aware your friend will relapse sooner or later and you will have to find a new vaccine in a new randomly rebuilt house. Will you be able uncover the mystery to save your friend once and for all!?

Wall Ball (RCMADIAX; 23 February; £1.39/€1.49)
Wall Ball is a suspenseful zigzag endless runner game with simple, yet appealing 3D graphics. The levels are randomly generated and promise a long lasting gaming experience.

Classic games on Wii U

Harvest Moon 64 (Natsume; 23 February; £8.99/€9.99)
In Harvest Moon 64, you'll work hard to make a life for yourself on the run-down farm that you've inherited from your dearly departed grandfather. It will take careful planning and a lot of help from your neighbours to ride out the seasons and succeed as a gentleman farmer.

Special offers on Wii U

360 Breakout (nuGame) - €5.00/£4.00/CHF 5.50 until 23 March
Defense Dome (Hullbreach Studios) - €0.89/£0.83/CHF 1.19 until 9 March
Dracula's Legacy (Joindots) - €6.39/£4.79/CHF 6.39 until 9 March
Gravity Badgers (Wales Int.) - €0.99/£0.99/CHF 1.40 until 23 March
Infinity Runner (Wales Int.) - €2.59/£2.35/CHF 3.64 until 23 March
Jones on Fire (Joindots) - €4.79/£3.67/CHF 4.79 until 9 March
Master Reboot (Wales Int.) - €3.59/£2.99/CHF 5.04 until 23 March
Queen's Garden (Joindots) - €5.59/£4.39/CHF 5.59 until 9 March
Trine Enchanted Edition (Frozenbyte) - €6.49/£5.49/CHF 8.99 until 9 March
Trine 2: Director's Cut (Frozenbyte) - €8.49/£6.99/CHF 9.99 until 9 March

Nintendo 3DS

Add-on content on Nintendo 3DS

Swapdoodle (Nintendo; content launches 23 February)
Dollo's Nintendo Switch Doodles - free download
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time #2 - £2.69/€2.99
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker #2 - £2.69/€2.99

Special offers on Nintendo 3DS

3D MahJongg (Joindots) - €3.99/£3.59/CHF 3.99 until 9 March
Adventure Bar Story (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.91/CHF 5.19 until 17 March
Adventure Labyrinth Story (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.59/CHF 4.87 until 17 March
Conveni Dream (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.59/CHF 4.87 until 17 March
Epic Word Search Collection (Lightwood Games) - €5.99/£4.49/CHF 5.99 until 9 March
Epic Word Search Collection 2 (Lightwood Games) - €5.99/£4.49/CHF 5.99 until 9 March
Gardenscapes (Joindots) - €6.39/£4.79/CHF 6.39 until 9 March
Kingdom's Item Shop (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.83/CHF 4.95 until 17 March
Mercenaries Saga 2 (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.91/CHF 5.19 until 17 March
Murder on the Titanic (Joindots) - €6.39/£4.79/CHF 6.39 until 9 March
Parascientific Escape: Cruise in the Distant Seas (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.19/CHF 4.79 until 17 March
Rytmik Ultimate (Cinemax) - €9.99/£9.59/CHF 14.39 until 16 March
Safari Quest (Joindots) - €5.59/£3.99/CHF 5.59 until 9 March
The Keep (Cinemax) - €5.99/£5.39/CHF 7.79 until 16 March

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