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Nintendo submits classification for online Steel Diver title
Nintendo has submitted a classification to the Australian Classification Board for a new Steel Diver game, believed to be Shigeru Miyamoto's first free-to-play game.
Published by Jack Taylor on November 19, 2013

Nintendo revealed in 2012 that the company was working on its first free-to-play title, with Shigeru Miyamoto revealing at E3 2013 that the game was to be a new Steel Diver game, following the release of the first Steel Diver in 2011.

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) has now released details of a new rating for a game classified last month; the game is titled Steel Diver: Sub Wars and is developed by Nintendo and Vitei, the team behind the original.

The rating also notes that the game's experience is likely to change while online, indicating that some form of online activity is likely, though it is not known if this includes the multiplayer aspect revealed by Miyamoto.

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