Nintendo 3DS (Card/Download)
Super Mario 3D Land
Published by Nintendo
Developed by Nintendo

Genre Platformer
Players 1

File size  512MB (4,096 blocks)
Retail release

Released  November 18, 2011
Age rating  PEGI 3
Released  November 13, 2011
Age rating  ESRB E
Nintendo eShop (Nintendo 3DS)

Released  October 4, 2012
Price  £39.99 (€44.99)
Released  October 18, 2012
Price  $39.99
Get Ready for a New Spin on a Familiar Tail

Super Mario 3D Land reinvents everything fans love about Mario gaming with the first platforming environment in true 3D, without the need for special glasses. Players will experience an exhilarating new sense of depth, distance and speed while running, jumping and stomping on enemies throughout the levels.
  • Tanooki Mario returns! The fan-favorite Tanooki suit makes its first appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. Use the Tanooki suit's tail to attack enemies or float gently down from great heights. These abilities help players move through the 3D environments with more confidence.
  • 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances in their environments. Players can more accurately judge the jump to the next platform or how far Mario is from a question block.
  • New and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure. Mario can perform a rolling somersault attack or run fast with a dash move.
  • The Circle Pad gives players complete control to confidently move Mario through fun and challenging environments.
  • New enemies include Goombas with tails, tall stacks of Goombas and a Piranha Plant that spits ink to obscure a player's view.
Is Mario's first outing on Nintendo 3DS going to go down as his best?
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