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Wishlist: Switch's Six Must-Have Remasters

Published by Jack Taylor     December 23, 2016

Ahead of Nintendo Switch's big day, we look at six games we'd love to see get a fresh lick of paint on it.

Three weeks from today, on 13 January, the world will learn about Nintendo Switch in detail for the first time. The big Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 promises to be full of good news and surprises, and we already know about some of the games we're getting: its unveiling featured Mario Kart, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, NBA, and a Bethesda title firmly believed to be the Skyrim special edition. Alongside those, and plenty of brand new titles, we've decided to put together a list of the half-dozen top games we'd love to see rejuvenated on Nintendo Switch in the future. There are plenty of rumours around about the games potentially being ported to Switch, but we've steered clear of those in order to think outside the box - or, if you like, to Switch it up a little bit. (Sorry.)

Hyrule Warriors Ultimate

Hyrule Warriors is a massive game, and a pretty difficult one to compete without severe dedication, with masses of content to unlock. The same applies to its 3DS counterpart, Hyrule Warriors Legends, but on an even grander scale, with more base and add-on content to be played with not enough hours in the day. A 'final' version on Switch could be the icing on the cake: bring in more characters, more stages, new Adventure Mode maps, and overhaul the Legend Mode to flesh it out and introduce more characters, and you'd be set. Throw in the original version's Challenge Mode and the update's My Fairy mode - then add a handy completion meter - and you're all set for the perfect curtain call.

Fire Emblem Fates

When you think about all the incredible content sat behind the Fire Emblem Fates name, this really does make a lot of sense. Anyone who purchased a limited edition copy of the Nintendo 3DS game at retail - featuring Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation, all three branches of the Fates story - will see why: as a retail package, it provided three massive and memorable RPG experiences, among the best on the handheld. Bring it to Switch with all the add-on content included, plus gorgeous high-definition cutscenes and in-game visuals, and this could provide one of the best RPG experiences in years - both at home in glorious HD, and on the go, just like the original.

Beyond Good and Evil

By now, unless you've been living under a rock or in a Pokémon GO world for however long, you'll have heard the countless rumblings about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and its potential link to Nintendo Switch. In short, it's in development, and rumoured to have some form of Switch exclusivity - although the latter part hasn't been officially discussed at all yet. However, if it does happen to come to Switch, it could provide Nintendo and Ubisoft with the perfect opportunity to pull a Bayonetta and remake the original for Switch as well. Again, it could be released as a digital title primarily, but with a retail version available in a limited edition double pack with the sequel. It could be a literal system-seller for both parties.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

We've been playing this on the GameCube for the past few weeks on and off, and in honesty, it was one of the very first games that came to mind when the Nintendo Switch debut trailer was unveiled. For those of you who don't know how Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles worked, you could play it on your own, or with up to three friends by using a Game Boy Advance each and connecting it to the GameCube via the link cable. It was pretty clever for its time, and the idea was expanded on with Final Fantasy Explorers on Nintendo 3DS - but for Switch, with its on-the-go play and wireless local multiplayer, why not bring a beautifully remastered Crystal Chronicles to gamers? It's a great game, but there are plenty of opportunities to tighten up the gameplay, streamline the user experience, and expand on available areas. It could be a perfect fit.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

We know that Monster Hunter Double Cross - the enhanced version of Monster Hunter Cross, known in the West as Monster Hunter Generations - is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan next year. More specifically, we know it's coming in March 2017... which is the same month as a certain new system. Cast your mind back to the early days of the Wii U, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which launched for it and Nintendo 3DS on the same day outside Japan - so there's certainly a precedent for such a thing happening. It would also provide the perfect opportunity to sell the game to people who already have Generations, as it would be the first time outside of Japan that the standard and enhanced versions of the same game launched on 3DS - launching Generations Ultimate on Switch would be a perfect reason to double-dip.

Shovel Knight

Easily one of the most popular indie games of the generation, it'd be a crime not to see Shovel Knight on Nintendo Switch, and it would be fantastic to see it on store shelves for the system as well. Happily, its next major expansion - Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment - launches for all platforms around spring 2017, so it could tie in nicely to the launch of a Switch version, which would also include the base Shovel Knight game and the Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows expansion. That would basically be three full retro platformers on a single game card, potentially at launch (we hope), and more money in Yacht Club Games's pocket. Seriously, for the work and dedication they put in, they deserve all the money.

Honourable Mentions

We appreciate that every system needs brand-new games, but we feel as though the above truly deserve the opportunity to shine on Nintendo Switch in the future. That said, there are plenty more existing games we'd like to see released for Switch, simply because they're excellent games that would certainly enrich the library. Some of them are:

Which existing games would you love to see on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!