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Stardew Valley moved to Nintendo Switch from Wii U

Stardew Valley, the lauded farming sim previously announced for Wii U, will now be released for Nintendo Switch instead, the developer has announced in a new blog post.Top Story     1 December 2016     15:43 UTC

LEGO City Undercover announced for Nintendo Switch

WB Games has announced that the Wii U title LEGO City Undercover will be receiving multi-platform ports - one of which will be for Nintendo Switch - in the spring of 2017.News     22 November 2016     15:39 UTC

Monster Hunter Direct to air in Japan this week

Nintendo has revealed that a new Monster Hunter Direct presentation will air in Japan on Thursday 27 October, sparking speculation about a potential new entry in the series.News     24 October 2016     17:36 UTC

Nintendo Switch unveiled as on-the-go home console

Nintendo has formally unveiled NX - a home console called Nintendo Switch, with detachable controllers that can be taken out of the home and played on the go.News     20 October 2016     14:16 UTC

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